Our vision is to make shopping better.

We Believe in Making Products Shine + We Love What We Do

We believe that the shopping experience should be fun and engaging, inspiring and uplifting. But at the heart of every shopping experience is the product that your customer is inspired to buy. We aim to make your product shine, In an awesome retail environment, beautifully presented in a window, or on-line photographed in a clear and enticing way. We have the knowledge to advise how to, and the products to achieve it.

We work with clients to enhance the process of buying collections that need to be translated into store/web space. Products such as Styleshoots can ensure that your product is clearly consistently and quickly photographed and the output can be used in both store merchandising communications and for website collections. Mockshop gives you the possibility to work with 3D showrooms for product display and/or fixturing. And Shopshape lets you interact with your stores on Visual Merchandising guidelines issued and interact on compliance and best practice.

“As a shopaholic, I truly believe that shopping should engage all your senses (visual/touch/taste/smell/sound). Enticing visual display is the first focus point, it makes you want to reach out and touch, taste or smell, and reach for your wallet!”

– Sjef Van Dongen

Visual Instinct

Visual Instinct was started from a real desire to show how great Visual Merchandising can make the shopping experience easier and more exciting, and that great Visual Merchandising fundamentally results in increased turnover and therefore profit.

Visual Instinct is a retail consultancy and project management company, that has over the last 7 years worked with such renowned groups as Aigle, Devred, Auchan, Intermarche, LeClerc, Casino and C&A. Working with tools such as Mockshop and Shopshape, Visual Instinct has played a major part in improving communication and standardisation of product display at store level, engaging both the store staff and customers in a positive way, resulting in a major increase in turnover and profitability for a number of retailers . In addition, Visual Instinct has been engaged on a consultancy basis with clients, on Visual Merchandising Guidelines projects, store layout planning and fixturing, and Store Concept design.