A podium for items and accessories


Visual Instinct is happy to introduce the new Podium of StyleShoots.

The Podium is designed as the perfect companion for your StyleShoots Vertical. Dock it against the backwall, and you are able to easily photograph shoes, bags, hats and more. Designed for fashion items, the software of StyleShoots Vertical automatically cuts away the Podium and background, just as you’d expect.

A small rail is included for mounting onto the top beam of StyleShoots Vertical. Using the bracket, your stylist can easily attach props like fishing wires to suspend the handles of handbags and achieve the right look.

1. Background Removal


Top surface illuminates when docked into StyleShoots Vertical, automatically cutting away the background from common fashion products.

2. Birch wood

The perfect combination of strength, durability and style. Solid birch multiplex with melamine sides.

3. Spacious Selves


Two large shelves, each spacious enough to store an entire mannequin torso. Or 10 pairs of shoes.

4. Locking Wheels


Front locking wheels, so you can securely use the Podium as handy storage in between shoots.

5. Eject Pedal


Eject Pedal to undock the Podium from the backwall of StyleShoots Vertical.

6. Top Rail


Mount the Top Rail onto StyleShoots Vertical and use it to aid your styling.



Height: 111 cm | 44.7 inch

Length: 62 cm | 24.4 inch

Width: 98 cm | 38.6 inch

Weight: 65 kgs | 143 lb


Dock connector on the back for docking into StyleShoots Vertical

Materials & Components

Molded PMMA top surface. User replaceable to accommodate intense daily use.

Internal dimmable LED panel.

FSC and PEFC certified birch multiplex panels with melamine sides.

Powder coated steel structure.

Swivel castors. Front castors with rotation lock pedals.


Contact us to get a quotation : info@visualinstinct.be

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