The original StyleShoots was introduced in 2011, and today e-commerce companies around the globe depend on it for their product photography. Now we are adding a member to the StyleShoots family.

Taking images with StyleShoots Vertical

StyleShoots Vertical reinvents mannequin photography, giving you fully cut out product images ready to use. You get the “hollow man” effect in a single shot, without any manual post-processing.

Web ready in less than 6 seconds

With a completely new vertical photo system designed from the ground up and a custom engineered mannequin solution, StyleShoots Vertical pushes the envelope of innovation. StyleShoots Vertical is the simplest photo machine to use and produces pixel perfect cut outs in seconds.


French Launch Event

Come in our French Showroom on the 30th and 31st of January, from 10.00-18.00. Come by during the two days and be one of the first to see and try StyleShoots Vertical. You can bring you own products and try for yourself.


Visual Instinct
41 rue Pajol
Paris – France

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